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Gerard Colucci CEO
Gerry has over 22 years experience in developing and building technology based companies in the asset tracking and risk mitigation industries. His vision to reality pattern of business modeling has forged the basis for hyper growth in all economic conditions. He leverages critical value propositions from the line employee to the C Suite ensuring everyone is satisfied in the decision matrix. White Tiger is now set to realize that hyper growth model. He has been President of KoolMax Monitoring Technology for the last 12 years and Co-Founder of Nexus Technologies working in partnership with Verizon, Samsung, RFID Solutions.Vegas and Cooper-Atkins deploying a hybrid solution and fully supporting Linen and Laundry Management, Warehouse Visibility, Retail Visibility supply chain management, DMS, procurement, a world class Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) platform for engineering and facility management. Servicing major clients like Sodexho. Aramark. Wegmans, Big Y Supermarkets, Ahold Foods, Summit Health and Services, Wendys, McDonalds and 100s of Universities as well as senior living facilities through the United States. With a current client base of every major Gaming Resort both in the US and China.
Joe Grecula brings a wealth of experience to White Tiger Organic Solutions, he is a 22 year veteran in Sales and Management in the food industry. He has worked with major food companies such as Campbell Soups to industry food equipment specialists such as Cooper Atkins. He has a national team of sales representatives who provide a turnkey opportunity for hyper growth, with over 30 groups and 500 individual sales professionals. Joe’s experience and comprehensive network within the industry enables him to drive sales.
Robbie spent most of his early years playing baseball at UNLV and professionally with the Arizona Diamondbacks. During those years, Robbie was able to develop relationships with agents, players, and front office staff. After a few injuries baseball came to a halt and Robbie knew it was time to move on and start a new dream. With the relationships he made over the years from playing baseball, growing up in Las Vegas, and his keen eye for business he was able to open his own investment and marketing company at the age of 25. This investment and marketing company raised over 3 million dollars in the first six months. After seeing growth in the investment world Robbie opened another business in the food industry. The company sells humidity control filters in the Las Vegas area. Robbie has seen rapid growth year after year and the company has over 150 clients in the Las Vegas area including some of the larger hotels, restaurants, and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Robbie has now started to expand this company to other markets on the west coast. After a few years and growth Robbie saw an opportunity to team up with a refrigeration monitoring company to expand his business.This is where Robbie and Gerry Colucci first met. Seeing the benefits of the filters and monitoring Robbie and Gerry knew they needed to join forces.. Robbie's role is handling day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, and meeting with investors to help grow the business. Now by joining forces with White Tiger and CCP Robbie looks forward to handling the same roles that he has taken in his previous businesses.
Jason C. Viggato PH.D., P.E. | CTO
Dr. Viggato has over twenty years of diversified experience in the mechanical, nuclear, biomedical, aerospace and forensic engineering industries, along with research and development oversight. He has worked as a contractor for the Department of Energy (DOE) in the nuclear industry and the Department of Defense (DOD) in aerospace and biomedical engineering. His responsibilities while working with the DOE included the structural and thermal design and analysis of nuclear waste canisters for long term underground storage emplacement. In the aerospace industry, his experience entails research and development of non-conventional propulsion systems, along with thermal, structural, and Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) design of HVAC and plumbing systems of commercial space habitats. He developed quality assurance programs and procedures for scientific data acquisition and report compliance in accordance with ISO 9000 standards and authored field measurement procedures in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), ANSI, IEEE and ASTM standards and EPA, USGS, DOE and DOD procedures. Dr. Viggato has recommended and procured scientific instrumentation in cross disciplinary fields which include radiation, electromagnetic field, radio frequency and X-ray fluorescence detectors, weather and soil meters and field sampling equipment. In the academic environment he has taught, performed research, published and given presentations in international conferences. His teaching experience includes both field and classroom training on the theory and application of physics and engineering related topics and equipment.