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The new revolutionary nanotechnology is an activated endothermic reactor infused with an EPA certified fungicide and antimicrobial actives.

Our filters eliminate mold, over 90 bacteria and viruses while absorbing ammonia and ethylene gas to extend the shelf-life of your valuable inventory. They optimize your refrigeration and freezers and stop them freezing-up to lower maintenance costs.

The endothermic filter action converts excess moisture to pure dry cold air assisting your compressors in maintaining lower temperatures through our patented nanotechnology.

The nanotechnology combines with natural minerals to eliminate dirty evaporators and excess moisture which extends equipment life and strengthens food safety.


White Tiger Organic filters can dramatically change your refrigeration’s ecosystem so freeze ups are issues of the past.

Our active ingredient is safe for the environment and the NSF approvals mean it’s safe for your refrigeration assets.

“Before White Tiger, my pastry coolers had odors and moisture in them and after they are clean and pure” Pastry Chef.

“I like that White Tiger filters are EPA approved and safe for the environment as well as keeping my coolers fresh and killing over 90 pathogens” Grocery manager.


White Tiger Organic filters can improve perishable life up to four times depending on conditions.

“My lettuce was always going bad but White Tiger filters saves me real money by extending the life of my lettuce” Executive Chef.

Endothermic Catalyst turns warm air into cooler air by 2-3 degrees, and in some cases by 5-6 degrees.

We were concerned about maintenance issues and moisture build up but when installing the White Tiger filter bags we almost immediately found out that we had to turn the boxes up since the temperature had lowered about 2-4 degrees.” Facilities Manager major hotel.

The revolutionary White Tiger endothermic process with EPA certified fungicide and antimicrobial will optimize any refrigeration system: lowering compressor loads, electricity & food costs. 100% natural and manufactured in the USA, White Tiger Organic Filters “A real sustainable solution powered by nature and science”


  • EPA
  • ANSI/NSF 51


  • 100% natural
  • Humidity control
  • Made in the USA
  • Natural waste disposal


  • Inactivation pathogens
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold, yeast, spores, parasites
  • Endothermic reaction
  • Absorption of gases and odors


  • Maximizing energy saving
  • Maximizing equipment longevity
  • Maximizing product shelflife
  • Maximizing operational profitability, and
  • Minimizing carbon footprint