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How long do the filters last?

The best practice is to change to fresh filters every 6 months.

How do the filters get installed?

The filters come with stainless steel hooks and steel brackets which you hang one filter per fan for maximum results directly behind the evaporator fan but you can alternately simply hang theme on your food rack with the hooks.

Why do you use canvas bags?

The canvas bags are organic fiber and are part of our 100% solution.

How do the filters lower my temperatures?

The filters contain a process and reacted crystal that absorbs moisture turning warm moist air to cold dry air and that air flows back into the evaporator fan lowering the power needed to cool the system and lowering energy costs.

What do I do with the old filters ?

The used filters are 100% biodegradable and will also remove odors from your waste containers.

Where do I buy these filters?

We offer them through our exclusive franchisee network if you have a franchisee dealer in your area and if not you can purchase them from our website.

How do I know how many filters I will require for my walk in or freezer?

Our engineers have worked this so one filter per evaporator fan for both walk-ins and freezers.

What certifications do you have?

Our filter media is NSF ASM certified and EPA approved.

How much will I save with using these filters?

Well, each case is different but our clients have lowered refrigeration energy costs by 20% and extended equipment life by 100% while also extending the quality of their perishables.

Do you have any competition?

Yes, there are literally 100’s of solutions in the market that provide drying filters. White Tiger is the only legal, compliant and certified product in the market that will pass any local health departments requirement for NSF equipment in refrigeration. Other solutions are in violation of health codes if they do not have NSF certification.