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White Tiger has established a partnership with CCP Technologies to provide a reliable cost-effective wireless critical control point monitoring solution to complement our filter products. By providing our customers with the simplest and most cost-effective solution for monitoring refrigeration temperature, humidity and energy performance, the benefits derived from the use of White Tiger Filters is enhanced.


  • CCP’s wireless Smart Tags may be placed
    directly inside the refrigeration cabinet –
    there is no need for expensive wiring.
  • CCP Smart Tags continuously sample
    and record critical control points (such
    as temperature and humidity) and
    transmit this data to a secure cloudbased
    platform where it is analysed and
    transformed into business intelligence.
    Dashboards and reports are available
    via web and mobile applications 24/7.
  • The system is fully-configurable.
    Temperature thresholds and delays can
    be easily set to trigger instant notification
    of breaches on any smart device – so you
    can take immediate corrective action.
  • Temperature records are fully automated
    and managed for you – HACCP reports
    can be retrieved 24/7.
  • CCP’s advanced analytics provide insights
    to empower your business to reduce
    energy consumption and minimise
    refrigeration maintenance costs.
  • Smart Tags can deploy a range of
    communication technologies, such as
    WiFi, NB IoT and Sigfox to suit your
    connectivity requirements.
  • CCP’s platform integrates with other IoT
    solutions and systems, including POS and
    ERP applications to provide maximum
    flexibility and versatility.

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